Let’s Win This Race

Many people don’t know how many species are actually facing extinction and have been drastically affected by humans to make their way onto the endangered species list.  As a matter of fact, there are actually 16,306 different species threatened by extinction on our Earth today.  People are unaware of the real problem arising in our world and we wish to share will you what is causing this horrible loss, and what you can do to help stop it.

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There are many causes to this decline and the increase of species battling extinction. Poaching, deforestation, habitat loss, pollution, global warming, and the use of endangered species on the black market trade network are a few factors contributing to this disaster.

Poaching is a massive issue that is killing millions of poor animals every year.  Many species have fallen to critical numbers because of the illegal murdering by hunters.  In Africa, only 4 Northern white rhinoceros remain after they were targeted for their precious horns.  There is only so much rangers can do to protect the species barely surviving.  They need as much help as they can get.

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Elephants, rhinoceros, polar bears, cheetahs, sea turtles, and tigers are only a few of the thousands of species on the brink of extinction.   Most people would find it unbelievable to hear that these popular and beloved animals are fighting to stay in existence, but it’s the truth.  We need to help protect them or else our world could face detrimental effects.

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There are some already existing campaigns that are raising money to help protect the endangered species, and we hope to do just as good of a job if not better, to raise awareness and money for these struggling animals.

Our main goal is to share to the world which animals are battling extinction, and how they came to be in this situation. Also, we wish to teach the world how we can help save our environment and the wonderful species that need our help. In addition we would like to raise money and other forms of support in order to help get endangered species back to full health!